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‘Sawasdee’ or ‘Welcome’ to Best Thai Signature

Home of authentic Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine in Dallas

Best Thai Signature, established in 2008, continues the tradition of providing delicious home-cooked
Thai cuisine that began its story in Dallas with the opening of Best Thai in 1996.

The story of Best Thai Signature’s family inspired recipes, however, began long before this family opened their doors to Dallas. Chef and Best Thai Signature co-owner, Kunya Chaiwasun, grew up in Thailand. Her love for preparing Thai cuisine was born of the passion and talent of her father. Her father was not a ‘trained’ chef and did not own a restaurant; however, their family home fast became a go-to destination for locals in the know to enjoy fresh, innovative and flavorful Thai food. Considered the best kept secret in their town, Kunya and her sister Booney, began learning their craft in the family kitchen with the direction of their father whose technique still inspires these women today.

Kunya joins her husband and Best Thai Signature co-founder, Too, in inviting you to experience their ‘signature’ dishes exclusive to Best Thai Signature — and sure to please those trying Thai for the first time, to those who have enjoyed the comfort of Thai cuisine for years. From the spiciest of dishes like Thai Five Star Noodles to traditional and signature curry dishes — Red, Green, Yellow, Massaman, Panang and Jungle — all made in house and absolutely delicious. Best Thai Signature also offers over 20 Vegetarian/Vegan selections; and, puts as muchheart into each of our dishes as Kunya’s father did when this
story began in Thailand.